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At Evolution Audio, we are committed to producing world-class sound, in a comfortable environment, with talented, dedicated, and friendly people.  The people here love their work, and consider themselves lucky to get to work with some of the best Ad Agencies and Advertisers in the world.  We have four Pro-Tools based audio post-production suites, housed in two locations in Kansas City, Missouri. 


The fastest way to reach us, is to call...

You can also email us.

Our normal business hours are:
Mon-Fri  8:30am - 5:00pm CST


We have two locations in the Midtown Kansas City Area


515 W 39th Street
KCMO 64111

The purple building on 39th Street between Broadway and Soutwest Trafficway;  the parking lot is just to the east


3727 Broadway Blvd
KCMO 64111

Just to the north of McDonald’s on Broadway;  use the driveway through the center of the building and park in back


All suites feature Pro Tools HD workstations, ISDN / Source Connect capability, comfy seating, and nearby kitchen amenities with a nice assortment of snacks and beverages.


ISDN / Source-Connect / ipDTL / Skype / Phone Patch

Do you need a reliable recording studio for ADR or voice-over talent in Kansas City to record from? We can hook you up!

TV / Radio / Web / Interactive

We specialize in audio post production. That’s recording, mixing, and sweetening, for TV, radio, film, corporate video, web, interactive, games, and audio books. Also music licensing for all of the above. A huge sound effects library is also on hand, and we do foley work as well. No matter what we’re doing, we’re bringing experience, dedication, and passion to the project.

Custom Music Production

Patrick Meagher is our resident music, composer, arranger, and producer. He’s done work for some of the biggest Ad Clients in the world. He’s dedicated enthusiastic, creative, and easy to work with. If you want world class original music for your project, he’s your guy.  And everybody likes him.  Check out his reel!

Sound Design

Custom sound design is an Evolution Audio passion. We have four experienced engineers, ready willing and able to take your sound design project to the next.


If you need help casting an audio project, give us a call. We’ll help make the process easier.


Don Martin

Don has been honing his audio skills since 1981. Don started his career at Soundtrek in Kansas City, and opened Evolution Audio in 1995, with partners John Blank, and his future wife Ginny. Evolution Audio bought the original Soundtrek building in 2017, a dream come true for Don, John and Ginny. Don still can’t believe that people actually pay him to play with toys. He plays the guitar and harmonica, although he would say, not very well.

Ginny Martin

Ginny has been a Recording Studio Manager since 1985. She also started at Soundtrek in Kansas City, before becoming a founding partner of Evolution Audio, along with Don and John. She is patient and kind, and determined to make sure everything is running smoothly at Evolution Audio. And she plays the piano, quite well. She and Don have been married since 1997.

John Blank

John started his audio career at Soundtrek in 1987, before teaming up with Don and Ginny to start Evolution Audio. John tirelessly vies for perfection every time - he’s the standard by which all engineers at Evolution compare themselves. He also plays the clarinet, and is a pretty dang good guitar player.

Bryan Nelson

Bryan started his career at Evolution Audio in 2001. He has the same love for the sound business, and commitment to excellence that we all share. He loves Indie Rock, Classical Music, Jazz, Experimental stuff, and has a cautious respect for Popular Music. He plays trumpet, guitar and bass.

Patrick Meagher

With over a decade of pro audio experience, Patrick has been with Evo since 2017, and is our Resident Music Composer. He loves all styles of music, plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, cello, trombone, and, of course, accordian. He’s also an excellent sound designer. It’s impossible not to like him. Oh, and he has a degree in Psychology.  (And an MFA in Sound Design too!)

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